My first movie suggestion for my blog is Yellowbeard. This movie is a comedy that most people have forgotten about over the years.  It is actually one of my favorites and hard to find these days on DVD. You might find it streaming on one of those streaming sites though.


This movie was written by Graham Chapman and Peter Cook. With those writers you should already figure out what type of comedy this movie would be. A silly one. It makes fun of pirates in a way that only Graham Chapman can do. It also has some pretty funny one liners. The silliness goes from inappropriate gags like kicking a little girl down a basement to making fun of old sailor taboos. This movie has a great cast of comedians like Cheech, Chong, Madeline Kahn and Peter Cook. If you are looking for a silly British comedy this one is the one for you. Enjoy!


There is also a David Bowie cameo!yellowbeard-4

Here is a Trailer for you to enjoy.