I was always fascinated with the story of Alice in Wonderland and I have tried to watch as many adaptations of the story as possible. I have also admired the original artwork in the books as well. In 1865 the book Alice in Wonderland was born. It was written by Lewis Carroll. Ever since moving pictures were invented people have created a series of Alice in Wonderland films. For my first post I am going to go through some and hopefully most of the Alice in Wonderland films that have been created through the 20th century and beyond.

  1.  Alice in Wonderland 1903

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A silent film that was on record in 1903. It was originally 12 minutes long but only around 9 minutes were recovered. It was directed by Cecil Hepworth and Percy Stow in the UK.

2. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 1910

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The 1910 silent version was directed by Edwin Porter. This film was made in the United States and was a one-reel film. This one was around 14 minutes long.

3. Alice in Wonderland 1915

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Another silent film that emerged in 1915 directed by W.W. Young. This film is almost an hour long. This film was too filmed in the United States.

4. Alice in Wonderland 1931

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Enter the land of the Talkies, the first Talkies Alice in Wonderland. Now that films had sound the words of Lewis Carroll could be heard. This one was filmed in the United states by Bud Pollard. This film was independently filmed in New Jersey. Run time about 45 minutes.

5. Alice in wonderland 1933

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This version of the film was produced by Paramount Pictures. This one was filmed with an all-star cast and directed by Norman Z. Originally had a run time of 90 minutes but was cut later to a run time of 77 minutes. This one is shown still on cable networks like turner classic movies.

6. Alice in Wonderland 1949

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This version is done mostly with live action and stop motion puppets. It was made in France by Dallas Bower. Some controversy surrounded this version due to Disney trying to make their own film at the time. The run time was 83 minutes.

7.Alice in Wonderland 1951

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Everyone is familiar with this one. This Disney film was directed by Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, and Hamilton Luske. It was made in the United States. The run time is 75 minutes.

8. Alice in Wonderland 1966

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This one is directed by Jonathan Miller. His Adaptation has Peter Cook and Peter Sellers in it. It is an unusual adaptation that fled from the original idea and gave it a more Gothic look to it. It was done as a TV play. Run time 72 minutes.

9. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 1972

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This one was released in the UK. It was directed by William Sterling. This film had an all star cast including Peter Sellers, Dudley Moore, and Peter Cook. Its running time was 101 minutes.

10. Alice in Wonderland 1976

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This version was done as a X-rated musical comedy directed by Bud Townsend. It is a American film. Uncut it runs 88 minutes.

11. Alisa v strane chudes 1981


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This one is a Russian cartoon directed by Efren Pruzhanskiy. Run time 30 minutes.

12. Fushigi no kuni no Arisu 1983

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This Alice in Wonderland was made in Japan. It is a anime series that was popular in Europeans countries. The series consisted of 52 episodes.

13. Alice in wonderland 1983

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This version was shot on videotape for PBS’ Great Performances. It was directed by Kirk Browning.

14. Alice in Wonderland 1985


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The 1985 version was a two part miniseries. It  was directed by Harry Harris. It does an adaptation of both books, Alice in wonderland and through the looking glass. Running time 187 minutes

15. Alice through the looking glass 1987

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This version was an Australian animated film directed by Andrea Bresciani and Richard Slapczynski. The run time is 73 minutes.

16. Alice 1988

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This version from Czechoslovakia is a dark fantasy made with mostly stop-motion. This film was directed by Jan Švankmajer. The run time is 84 minutes.

17. Alice in Wonderland 1995

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This version was animated and directed by  Toshiyuki Hiruma and Takashi Masunaga. The run time on this movie is 46 minutes.

18. Alice through the Looking Glass 1998

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This one is a modern adaptation of the book. It was directed John Henderson. Run time is 83 minutes.

19. Alice in Wonderland 1999

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This one was first broadcast on NBC this one is an all-star cast. This one was directed by Nick Willing. The run time is 129 minutes.

20. Alice Underground 1999

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This film was considered experimental. It was shot on location in New York and with 35 mm still photography. Directed by Robert E Lee.

21. Alice 2009

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This was shot as a miniseries. Run time 240 minutes. This miniseries is loosely based on the books.

22. Malice in Wonderland 2009

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This version takes the concept and characters of Alice in wonderland and gave it a dark modern twist. One of my favorite versions actually. Filmed in London. The run time is 87 minutes.

23. Alice in Wonderland 2010

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This version is the most recent. It is directed by Tim Burton. The run time is 108 minutes. Instead of retelling the same story over, Tim Burton put his own twist to it.

24. Alice through the Looking Glass 2016

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This is the sequel to the Tim Burton movie directed by James Bobin. This is loosely based on the books. run time 113 minutes.

These are only a few adaptations of Alice in Wonderland many more will be created and many more are still left to be discovered. Films are not the only way to interpret Alice in Wonderland. The book has been interpreted in music, video games and other forms of art. A beautifully written book like this last through the ages because its subject is universal. Enjoy!

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